Free delivery throughout the Netherlands

When shopping in our store, you do not have to worry about the high cost of delivery for orders. Although the products are delivered directly from the Poland, delivery in our shop is absolutely free! Prices of products in the shop are final prices. There are no additional or hidden costs. Our priority is to make the customer has received an order as soon as possible. The date of delivery to inform a few days earlier.

Delivery in Belgium and Germany

Delivery in Belgium and Germany may be subject to additional payment depending on the delivery area:

If you have any doubts about the delivery costs, please contact our service.

Delivery - important information

1. Orders are delivered on Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00-22:00.
2. The delivery we inform clients by phone at least one day before delivery.
3. In the absence of contact with the customer delivery is postponed for another term.
4. All orders are carried within 21 working days.
5. Delivery throughout the Netherlands is free for private customers.
6. Delivery in Belgium and Germany may be subject to additional payment depending on the delivery area.
7. Order delivered to the closest point to which we are able to get our vehicle without damaging it and without breaking the rules of the road.
8. The unloading of furniture from the vehicle is the responsibility of our drivers.
9. By placing an order, check the dimensions of the furniture packages and check if the fit to the apartment.
10. Drivers are not required to bring the furniture to flats if you do not subscribe to an additional service.
11. The customer should provide additional people for the time of delivery.
12. Drivers do not take the old furniture.

Approximate delivery dates for furniture

1. Upholstered furniture: delivery time depends on selected fabrics and is from 1 to 21 business days.
2. Upholstered furniture available from stock: delivery next Sunday.
3. Large wardrobes: from 1 to 21 business days.
4. Other wooden furniture: about 1-2 weeks.
(The dates do not apply to pre-Christmas periods)

Additional driver assistance service at bringing furniture into the apartment

We offer our customers assistance by the driver bring the furniture into the apartment. The service is an additional fee, and its price depends on the size and difficulty of bringing.

Corner sofas 10 € 15 € 20 € 25 €
Furniture, appliances 10 € 15 € 20 € 25 €
Corner sofas + furniture, appliances 15 € 20 € 25 € 25 €
Sofas, sofas bed 10 € 20 € 30 € 40 €
Very large corners sofas and big orders 15 € 20 € 30 € 40 €

When the building is operated elevator, the fee is charged as for the 1st floor.

Terms of bringing service:

1. Help the driver is an additional service performed for an additional fee upon request.
2. The driver helps the client in bringing (the driver does not bring alone).
3. Before starting the service the client should read and accept the terms and costs of bringing service.
4. The driver informed about the cost of bringing having regard to the actual state location of the apartment, which will be brought order.
5. The customer must check the dimensions of corners and compare them with the dimensions ways, so as to have complete confidence that brought the furniture will fit into an apartment.
6. When a furniture does not fit into appartment fee is also charged.
7. The customer should streamline the way bringing in and removing unnecessary elements, cabinets, handrails hangers, etc. that may prevent bringing furniture.
8. Drivers can unpack the furniture or split them apart before bringing service.
9. Drivers can refuse to bringing service if:
- ways has not been cleaned
- furniture does not fit in the aisles
- bringing service would cause any damage
- bringing service endangers the safety of persons and property

Delivery for companies

The cost of delivery for business orders is 10% of the order value.