When will I receive the order?

Delivery time is from 1 to 21 business days. We will inform you about the delivery date when the order is ready for shipment by telephone. In the Christmas and holiday season deadline may be extended.

At what time I can expect delivery?

Orders are delivered only on weekends between 8:00 and 22:00.

How can I check the status of my order?

Order status can be checked in the "My Account" or in contact with the customer service.

What are the payment methods accepted at home delivery?

Payment method in our store is cash on delivery. Drivers do not have payment terminals.

Is it possible you are shopping in installments?

Unfortunately, we are Polish company, and we do not have the possibility of granting installment sale for people working in the Netherlands. Take advantage of fast loan online is available without leaving home in most Dutch banks

What are the transport costs?

Delivery for individual customers is free throughout the Netherlands and the border areas in Belgium and Germany. In other cases, delivery prices are established with the client.

Is it possible to delivery to Belgium or Germany?

Yes. We also deliver orders to Belgium and Germany. In the border areas, the delivery is free (green color on the map below). In other cases, delivery prices are established with the client.

Can I see the furniture before you buy?

It is not possible. zakupyzpolski.nl is an online shop

How you delivery two products with different availability status?

We usually deliver the entire order as it is completed. Sometimes we step away from this rule and do the delivery several times. On cunstomer request we can also deliver the order in several parts.

Can I change the delivery date?

Delivery date is set by the seller, but the change is possible. In this case, please contact the store.

How you sent furniture?

We send furniture original packed by the manufacturer. We transport them in our own, specially adapted, cars.

Can I pick up the goods with my own transport?

It is not possible. We provide our own transportation from Poland to minimize the risk of damage to the goods.

Will the driver help me with the furniture assembling / bring?

The driver can help in bringing furniture for an additional fee. This service must be ordered in advance, so that we can schedule a time driver. We do not have furniture assembly services.

Do I have to register to make purchases?

There is no requirement to creating an account to make purchases from our store. Just to give some basic information so that we can complete the order. Creating a account allows you to check the status of your order in the "My Account".

How to buy without creating an account?

We offer the opportunity to purchase without creating a customer account. In such a situation, when you select the "ORDER" option in the basket, you will be asked to provide only a few data necessary to perform the contract.

How to create an account?

You can create your account in the "sign up" after filling the form fields.

How to buy?

To purchasem just add selected items to the cart, and then click "ORDER"

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, please contact the store via phone or email. If the order has been personalized (eg. chosen material or unique color), you can not cancel it, if its already in progress.

Where can I get promotional coupons?

We sometimes put promotional coupons on our profile on Facebook. We also organize various competitions and promotions where you can win a coupon

How to complaint?

To complaint purchased goods, please fill out the online claim form available on the page or tab in my account, and attach pictures of damage. Proof of purchase is necessary. Further formalities are completed in contact with the Store.

What is needed to file a complaint?

Only invoice is required.

What are the conditions for making claims?

The basic condition is written (or email) complaint form with attached proof of purchase. Details of the complaint are determined directly with the Store. All warranty and return policy are included in the warranty accompanies with each purchase.

Goods arrived damaged during transport, what now?

We send our own transport, so we take full responsibility for it. In this case, we replace the goods or defective parts to shorten the complaints time to a minimum. Remember to fill damage report with the driver.

Who pays the cost of transporting the goods of complaint?

For the transport of the goods complaint pays the seller, if not a complaint due to the customer fault.

Can I exchange goods?

Yes, there is a possibility if the order is not personalized (selected colors or materials on request). Goods must be packed in original packaging and can not be damaged. Replacement procedure is done at the expense of the buyer.

Who keeps my data?

The data controller is db.trade s.c. company based in Wroclaw.

I accepted the newsletter. Will I get spam?

We do not send spam, only newsletter with new products and specials. You can unsubscribe from Newsletter at any time in the "My Account" or contact our customer service.