Wood colors I

The wood colors in the sample are for reference only and may differ slightly from the actual color on the products ordered. The template presents only a piece of wood that does not reflect an ideal copy of the structure and color of the wood on individual furniture elements having:  unique rings, core rays, porosity, puncture of natural colors, various discolorations, healthy knots, varying density, hardness, texture, which depend on the natural conditions of growth of the tree from which it was obtained.
 All presented properties of the raw material are proof of its natural origin, which emphasizes the originality and uniqueness of each piece of furniture and does not indicate its defect, therefore it is not a basis for complaint.

 We have made every effort to ensure that the colors in the pictures correspond to the natural ones, however, the monitor settings and the location of the lighting when taking pictures may affect the presented colors. If you are not absolutely sure about the chosen color, please contact our service.