Kitchen set ROSE II 180 red gloss/grey


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COLOR: Red gloss / grey platinum / white

FRONT: MDF 16mm Red gloss PET / ABS edging 1mm

BODY: Laminated board 16mm Gray platinum / interior white

WIDTH: 180 cm

DEEP: 60 cm

WORKTOP: Travertine dark

HANDLES: 128mm metal

SET: 80ZL2FBB, 40D4SBB, 80GU722F, 60OK40, 40G721F, WORKTOP

DETAILS: Soft-close drawers and fronts

WARRANTY: 24 months

DUE TIME: 21 working days

Kitchen set is made of high quality MDF resistant to scratches and moisture with Soft-close system for drawers and fronts.

The set includes:

- Lower cabinet under the sink 80ZL2FBB: 80cm x 82cm x 52cm (W x H x D)
- Lower cabinet with 4 drawers 40D4SBB: 40cm x 82cm x 52cm (W x H x D)
- Top cabinet with 2 lifted fronts 80GU722F: 80cm x 71.5cm x 31cm (W x H x D).
- Top hood cabinet 60OK40: 60cm x 40cm x 31cm (W x H x D).
- Top cabinet with one front 40G721F: 40cm x 71.5cm x 31cm (W x H x D)
- Worktop TRAVERTINE DARK 80 cm
- Worktop TRAVERTINE DARK 40 cm

Fittings and appliances not included.

For hanging the upper cabinets, we recommend using a supension rail.
The supension rail can be purchased separately.

Furniture in packs for self-assembly.
In set includes clear instructions for installation, accessories and handles.

Kitchen Set Bianka, Rose, Karmen and Grey can be combined.

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