Mattress RUMBA 18cm 7-zones, pocket + VISCO+ quilted cover (H2H3)


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TYPE: Pocket + VISCO

COMPOSITION: Foam + pocket + VISCO 3cm + quilted cover jesrey

HARDNESS: 2/5 + 3/5

COLOR: White

LENGTH: 200 cm


DETAILS: Removable cover

WARRANTY: 24 months

The best in class, the most versatile, exceptionally comfortable mattress with standard average hardness at best price. Thanks to its durability, it is perfect for everyday use.

Under the influence of the pressure exerted on the surface of the mattress, it will automatically adapt to you, regardless of your weight or favorite sleeping position. This is due to the pressure point on the pocket springs and the carefully selected layers of the mattress.
Each pocket spring operates independently of one another, the pressure placed on one of them does not force the other springs. The weight of the body lying on the mattress is spread in proportion to its shape. Thanks to this, the mattress itself keeps your body in the sleep lying in a naturally anatomical position so that we do not strain the spine and joints. Two people lying on the mattress do not feel the change of position while sleeping by another person.

Thermoelastic foam VISCO maximizes mattress comfort. This is because of the heat emitted by your body. Thanks to this RUMBA mattress itself adjusts to the shape of your body during sleep regardless of what position you lie. Creates a soft and delicate surface to cover you perfectly - RUMBA mattress is a combination of comfort and healthy relaxation. This visco visco ability eliminates local pressure on the user's body, ensuring proper blood circulation, enhances the support of less accessible areas, ie the lumbar part of the spine, thereby eliminating some of the ailments of that part of the spine.

The breathable polyurethane foam layer with highly advanced orthopedic properties significantly affects the health of your sleep. Advanced technological process has allowed us to create a foam with health and relaxation properties. The foam structure gently massages your body, so it has excellent orthopedic and anti-lipoic properties.

The mattress has 9 hardness zones. Each zone is characterized by a different hardness, which allows for a better fit of the mattress to the shape of the body and affects the ideal support of the spine during sleep.

- VISCO thermoelastic foam one-sided 3 cm, which under the influence of heat adapts to the shape of the body
- Polyurethane foam with increased elasticity and strength
- pocket springs 262 pcs per m2
- 9 zones of the springs ensure the correct alignment of the spine, the mattress adapts to the shape of the body
- felt pad - provides reinforcement of the mattress construction
- hypoallergenic cover, quilted with jacquard fabric type
- anti-allergenic coat which is a great warming of the mattress, also provides good ventilation (sewn into the case)
- wash function 40 ° C (L-shaped zipper sewn-in for easy removal of the cover)
- double sided mattress. It is possible to use both sides of the mattress
- height about 18 cm

Our mattresses are high quality, luxury, fulfilling your expectations for a good mattress. That is why we offer a 25-year guarantee for a mattress spring pad, while the rest of the mattress (cover and individual layers) is covered by a 24-month warranty.

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