Youth furniture set TOMMY I GRAPHITE/ENIGMA


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COLOR: Graphite / enigma

FRONT: Enigma

BODY: Graphite

SET: TM2, TM7, TM9, TM15, TM18

WARRANTY: 24 months


- TM2 Wardrobe: w. 80cm, h. 193cm, d. 58cm
- TM7 Cupboard: w. 80cm, h. 157cm, d. 37cm
- TM9 Chest of drawers: w. 120cm, h. 97cm, d. 37cm
- TM15 Shelf: w. 130cm, h. 33cm, d. 23cm
- TM18 Desk: w. 130cm, h. 77cm, d. 58cm

Furniture in packs for self-assembly.
In set includes clear instructions for installation, accessories and handles.

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